Business Legal Healthcheck

Check out the legal health of your business to protect your assets and comply with employment law.

The Allianz Legal Online business legal healthcheck will help make sure you have the right policies, procedures and documents in place to protect your business, its assets and its reputation.

By completing our quick online questionnaire you can find out if your business is at risk in a number of ways including:

  • Employment claims and tribunals
  • Financial claims from customers
  • Poor cash flow and bad debt
  • Shareholder disputes


Do you have, or plan to have, any employees?


Employee agreements

Do your employees receive a written agreement detailing their obligations and terms and conditions of employment and which is compliant with all current legislation? These include ANY of the following:

Yes No N/A
Remuneration and all other benefits (including car and mobile phone)
Working hours and overtime
Holiday allowance
Notice required to terminate
Who owns the intellectual property of the work the employee does
Disciplinary and grievance procedures
Maternity/paternity arrangements
Sickness procedures and pay
Pension entitlement (note every employer who employs five or more employees must have set up a stakeholder pension scheme or other exempt pension scheme for all employees)

Employee handbook

Do you have an employee handbook that comprehensively lists all the personnel policies and procedures of your business, including ANY of the following?

Yes No
Age discrimination
Sex discrimination
Race discrimination
Disability discrimination
Smoke free workplace
Stress at work
Grievance procedure
Use of technology
Data protection
Maternity/paternity leave


Do you use, or plan to use, any external consultants?


Consultant agreements

Do you give external consultants a written agreement which details the terms and conditions of their relationship with your business, including ANY of the following?

Yes No
Responsibilities of the consultant
Working hours
Notice to terminate
Who owns the intellectual property of the work the external consultant does
Fees payable


Are you self-employed AND working from home?


Fire risk assessment

Have you carried out a fire risk assessment of your workplace and do you have an up-to-date emergency plan detailing the action people in your workplace need to take in the event of a fire?


Health and safety policy

Do you have a written health and safety policy? Have you conducted a risk assessment of your workplace(s) in the past 12 months covering ALL the following issues?

Yes No
Stress in the workplace
Computer/display screen usage
Accessibility for people with disabilities, including your websites and computer systems
Smoke free working environments
First Aid facilities, and record keeping of all major incidents
Employee health and safety risks whilst driving, such as making and answering work-related calls without a hands-free car kit
Noise at work
Hazardous substances

Website terms

Have you had your website's terms and conditions and privacy policy drafted and reviewed by a legal professional?


Business type

Is your business (or will it be) a:


Shareholders' agreement

Do you have a shareholders' agreement (to set out the duties and responsibilities of the shareholders)?


Partnership agreement

Do you have a partnership agreement or a contractual framework detailing how the partners should conduct themselves at all times, including things such as management, finances and partner regulation)?


LLP agreement

Do you have a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) agreement (a contractual framework detailing how the members should conduct themselves at all times, including things such as management, finances and member regulation)?



Have you ever had to pursue a customer for payment of an overdue invoice?

Business legal healthcheck result

Based on your answers to the Legal Healthcheck, we estimate that your business could benefit from the Allianz Legal Online service in the following ways:



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