Many small businesses avoid using lawyers for fear of large legal bills. With Allianz Legal Online you could save £1,000s in legal fees and avoid hefty government fines by being fully compliant with business law.

Using a solicitor or other specialist to help you prepare employment contracts, your health and safety policy and other legal documentation is expensive. Here is what our research found:

Settlement agreement £715
Directors service agreement £610
Consultancy agreement £565
Employee handbook £985
Employment agreement £490
Employment statement £230
Non-disclosure agreement £250
Partnership agreement £580
Shareholder agreement £680
Total cost £5,105

(Research conducted between April 2018 and December 2019 by Epoq Legal Ltd. Cost savings calculated by mystery shopping law firms in eight major UK regions, for comparable documents to those offered on this website. Costs shown exclude VAT. Costs shown exclude VAT.)

But Allianz Legal Online is not just about saving money. It will:

  • Help to remove the stress and hassle of ensuring your business is legally compliant
  • Help to protect your business against costly things like employment tribunal awards and health & safety fines
  • Enable you to produce high quality legal documents from the comfort of your own home, any time day or night, in a fraction of the time it would normally take
  • Keep you up to date with ever changing employment legislation

Allianz Legal Online - designed to remove the legal worry of running your business.